If you have any questions not answered below, please email beadiful at vonklopp dot eu.

Installing Beadiful

Download Beadiful at the App Store Apple App Store Link to the Beadiful app

Why does Beadiful need access to my photos?

Beadiful generates fuse bead patterns from photos. It accesses your photo library when:

  1. You select a photo from the library to use as the basis for the bead pattern
  2. You save a bead pattern - images will be saved to the album "Beadiful"

The photos are not accessed for any other purpose. No photos are transmitted anywhere else, or saved anywhere. See the privacy policy

Creating a bead pattern

  1. Tap open photo to select a photo from the photo album
  2. Zoom the photo by pinching/opening with two fingers; rotate it by twisting with two fingers; and move the photo by dragging it with one finger. As the fuse bead pattern is very low resolution compared with the photo, zooming in as much as possible is often a good idea.
  3. Change the size of the pegboard by tapping on "Beads and pegboard" in the top right corner.
  4. Change which bead set you want to use by tapping on Hama, Nabbi and Perler (or any combination of them). A checkmark indicates that the bead set is selected.
  5. Generate a pattern by using the "Beadify" button.
  6. The "Boost photo" option attempts to increase contrast and clarity to the photo before regenerating the pattern. This does not affect the original photo in the album.
  7. Use "Bead list" to view a complete list of the beads used for the pattern in table format.

Saving a bead pattern

To save a pattern, tap the "Save" button. You can save any of the following:

The images are saved to your photos, in an album called "Beadiful"

What can I do to improve a pattern?

Transforming a high resolution image into a low resolution bead pattern doesn't always work. Here are some things you can try if the result isn't good enough.